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01 Products: 01_5 Solar Water Heaters

GTC Profecional Gravity fed low pressure solar water heater
Reference # Solar water heaternstallation Instructions (PDF)
Price: 975 €
SAVE MONEY!    HELP THE ENVIRONMENT! This High-Quality Gravity Fed Solar Water Heater takes the free sunlight and turns your cold water in to hot water. Works great in domestic properties, remote properties, wooden house and week end retreats etc.  With these systems there is next to no maintenance once installed.
  • 200L water storage tank.
  • Series of 20 evacuated solar tube collectors 58mm x 1800mm.
  • Immersion heater can be installed to heat water during cloudy days.
  • Can be filled with water manually or by water source from the house.
  • Provides a single household hot water needs for most of the year (dependant on location).
  • Operates in temperatures down to 28 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • System is easy to use and requires little maintenance.
  • Installed on roof or any elevated area.
  • Integrates with existing plumbing home plumbing or operates as a standalone system.
  • Easy installation in 4–5 hours with only a wrench.
  • Warranty: 5 years against Manufacturers Defects.
  • Supplied with spare tubes in case of damage during transit or installation.

System Technical Specs:

  • Includes: water tank, stand, evacuated-tubes, controller and electric heating element.
  • Material of inner tank chest:  food grade stainless steel SUS304/2B.
  • Material of outer tank shell: steel.
  • Bracket material: galvanized steel plate
  • Water tank heat insulation layer: 55mm (2") polyurethane foam.