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01 Products: 01_2 Wind Turbines

In a good wind area, a wind turbine will can give more power for its cost than solar modules. Both together can give steadier input since a wind turbine charges your batteries in good winds when there is no sun and at night as well. Unlike solar panel your wind turbine can generate power 24 hours a day. But beware of erecting a windmill where the wind is not strong and steady. Your area's wind speed, as well as your immediate terrain, will determine how well the windmill performs. If there is no wind data available for your area, we suggest starting with solar modules, and checking the wind throughout the year. This will show whether to add either a wind turbine or more solar modules.

We can install any of these wind turbines in Southern Spain or Portugal. We can also supply a full range of deep cycle batteries.


Futurenergy 1Kw 1275€ Built to order wind turbine control units
Xantrex C40 charge controllers 180€ Stop switch DC and AC brake
Xantrex C60 charge controllers 200€
Wind generator dump load 90€ Lakota 900W POA€
Futurenergy 1 Kw upwind wind turbine
Reference # FuturEnergy 1Kw wind turbine
Price: 1275 Euros including IVA

FuturEnergy 1KW Upwind Turbine available in 12V (600 W), 24V and 48V

Our New ‘rugged’ Upwind Turbine range is based on 2 years of real-life testing and development in Warwickshire and the Uplands of Scotland.

Using our unique Permanent Magnet Generators, combined with our Hi-Spec Wind Turbine Blade Sets, these furling turbines create very useful power in low wind conditions, and over 1000W in winds of 12.5m/s.

Available in 24V & 48V DC versions, they are suitable for battery charging, water/air heating and Grid-Tie installations.

We don’t recommend, nor will we authorise the installation of any of our turbines in ‘building-mounted’ installations, other than for steel-framed and other industrial buildings. These turbines are tower-top ready (turbine sleeve has a 50mm diameter hole to accept 48.3mm standard scaffold pole). We are currently developing our own tower kits & will post more information when it is available.

For a complete guide to towers, system designs and grid-tied inverters, see this Turbine Guide

Your turbine will be supplied in 2 shipping containers, weighing a total of 27Kgs, and you will be required to attach the tailfin and blades to the main turbine housing. All instructions will be supplied to guide you through the simple assembly, and you should be ready to mount and use your turbine in only a few hours. For battery charging applications we suggest that you use a suitable charge controller to prevent your batteries from becoming overcharged.

• Mechanically furling tail fin for high wind protection
• Unique high-spec Permanent Magnet Generator
• 5 top-grade glass filled nylon turbine blades
• Sealed bearings in mast-mounting shaft
• 60 Amp rated slip-ring prevents cable-twisting
• Aerodynamic profile design
• Patented anti-vibration locking washers
• Rugged and simple, with a minimum of parts and simplicity of design
• Zinc-plated and Stainless Steel with powder-coated and anodised aluminium for optimal corrosion and weather resistance
• Manufactured in the UK

Technical Specifications


  • Nominal Power Output - 1000W (600W / 12v Version)
  • Start-Up Wind Speed - 2.5m/s
  • Cut-In Wind Speed - 3.2m/s
  • Rated Wind Speed - 12.5m/s
  • Survival Wind Speed - 50m/s
  • Rotor Diameter - 1.8m
  • Number of Blades - 5
  • Generator Type - 3-Phase Perm Magnet (this is rectified to DC inside the turbine, giving a 2-wire DC output)
  • Weight - 22Kgs
  • Suitable Tower Diameter - 50mm
  • Noise: LAeq 35dB @ 5m/s @ 5m behind rotor
  • Noise: LAeq 54dB @ 7m/s @ 5m behind rotor
  • ROHS compliant


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Xantrex C40 and C60 charge controllers
Reference #Xantrex C40 / C60 charge controllers
Price: C40 180 € & C60 200€
For use in Battery-Based systems, these rugged charge controllers offer protection against overcharging when used with our wind turbines.  The Xantrex C60 is capable of handling charging currents of 60A, and is suitable for use with battery banks of 12V and 24V only.  The C40 can handle charging currents of up to 40A, and is suitable for use in 48V battery charging applications which use our turbines. 

In order to use either of these controllers with our wind generators and battery banks, you will require a suitable dump load for connection to the C40 or C60.  These dump loads are shown below, and can be bought separately if required.

The following number of dump loads are required with each of the following battery voltages.

  • For 12V systems use only the C60 and 2 Dump Loads (in parallel)

  • For 24V systems use only the C60 and 1 Dump Load

  • For 48V systems use only a C40 and 2 Dump Loads (in series)

Xantrex C60 - 220 Euros including IVA

Xantrex C40 - 180 Euros including IVA

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Wind generator dump load
Reference #s
Price: 90 Euros including IVA
Dump Loads

For use with either of the Xantrex charge controllers above, these dump loads are effectively very high power air heating elements.  The C40 and C60 charge controllers are used in 'Load Diversion' mode, and as such, they dissipate any unwanted power into these dump loads when your battery bank becomes fully charged.  It is vital to use a charge controller to prevent damage to your batteries, especially if you leave your system unattended for long periods of time, and without loading your batteries with an inverter, or other suitable device. 

These dump loads should be mounted as close as possible to your C40 or C60 charge controller.  They should be mounted in free circulating air, and not in an enclosed space.  The power connection blocks are made of solid brass, and all cabling used should be securely connected using the bolts provided.  Please ensure that you choose the correct number of dump loads for the battery bank voltage you are charging.  See above for details.

Buy Now - Dump Load - 90 Euros including IVA

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Built to order wind turbine control units
Reference # Power monitor unit
Price: Email for Price
Wind generator monitor units (can be custom made for solar power)

These monitor turbine voltage, charge current and battery voltage. 100 Amp Isolator, brake switch and fuse can be included. We can also integrate the dump load controller into the same enclosure.

Custom built to your requirements. Analogue or digital displays.

Custom made units are available for solar and wind power with charge controllers in 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V and are rated at 50 amps.

These units have 3 phase AC turbine input, custom made dump load controller, brake switch, turbine and battery voltmeters, turbine charge meter and a blocking diode.

Email for pricing.

Please allow 2/3 weeks for delivery, as these units are built to order.

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Stop switch DC and AC brake

Reference # Stop Switch, DC & AC Isolators
Price: 120A DC Isolation + Stop SW - 155 Euros including IVA/Stop switch - 50 Euros including IVA
For use with all turbine models, these switches allow the user to isolate the DC supply to a load, to apply an electrical "brake" to the turbine and to isolate the AC side of an inverter (if connected). 

The DC Isolator and Brake should be connected to the output of the wind turbine, between it and the load (inverter, batteries etc).  The main rotary switch is rated at 63A and is 4-pole.  In this mode, the internal connections have been pre-wired in pairs of 2 poles, giving a massive switching capacity of 120A.  Also mounted inside these switches are a low resistance "dump load", allowing the turbine to slowed to a safe level before applying a direct "short circuit" to the turbine output wires.  For operating instructions, click here.

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Lakota 900W wind turbine generator
Reference # Lakota 900W wind turbine
Price: POA
Speficications Sheet | Installation Manual

Aeromag's Lakota™ Wind Turbine
with AEROMAG Carbon Fibre Blade

Light weight and Powerful!

This enhanced upward furling wind turbine with Aeromag's carbon fibre blades delivers more power in lower wind speeds!

Available in: 12V, 24Vor 48V.

  • Rated 900 Watts Power Output at 28.8 mph
  • Peak 1300 Watts Power Output at 38+ mph
  • Start-up wind speed at 6 mph
  • Charges 1 Ampere (12 volt turbine) at 9 mph
  • Nominal 12, 24 & 48 Volt available
  • Can be optimized Low, Medium or High Average Wind Speeds (tell us in advance what you want)
  • Lightweight 34 lbs. (17kg)
  • Produces very little noise
  • Aluminium body with all stainless steel hardware
  • Rare Earth Neodymium Iron Boron Permanent Magnets
  • USCG approved tinned Copper wire for marine use
  • Self-governing Rotor Design
  • Permanently Sealed Unit
  • Special Marine Coating available (additional cost)


  • Precision, computer designed low inertia Blades
  • "Stealth-Acoustic" blade technology is very quiet and invisible to radar and no TV/radio interference
  • Helicopter leading edge tape on blades
  • 7 times stiffer than steel, means no flutter, low noise, more energy
  • Smoother and far quieter than wood, plastic, injection moulded or fibre glass reinforced blades
  • Can be optimized for Low or High Wind environments
  • Upward furling design does not hide from the wind
  • Produces full power even beyond 60 mph winds!
  • Extended warranty up to 7 years available

Lakota's Advanced Features

  • Aerospace grade, advanced technology, uni-directional Carbon Fibre Blades
  • Helicopter leading edge tape on each blade
  • Smoother and far quieter than wood, plastic, injection moulded or fibre glass reinforced blades
  • Unprecedented 3 year warranty on the blades
  • Extended warranty up to 10 years available on the blades
  • Precision, computer designed aircraft quality rotor
  • Stainless steel hub plates


  • Power Output for Sea Level Conditions:
    • 300 Watt nominal at 16.5 mph
    • 500 Watt nominal at 21.5 mph
    • 900 Watt nominal at 28.8 mph
    • Peak Power maintained above 1200-1500 Watts at higher wind speeds
    • Users have reported over 1500 Watts at 100 Amps
  • Nominal 12, 24, 48 Volt
  • Lightweight 35lbs. (<16kg)
  • Rotor Diameter: 82.3 in (2.090 m)
  • Swept Area: 36.9 ft2 (3.43 m2)
  • Start-up Wind Speed: 6 mph (2.7 m/s)
  • Alternator: 3 Phase AC Brushless Permanent Magnet


Power Generation:
The Lakota turbine uses an 8 pole, 36 slot, 3 phase alternator with 10 winding leads. This allows 4 separate adjustable settings; to be made that will optimize its output and match its performance to low, medium, high or severe wind regimes.
The Lakota generator has a high power to weight ratio. It uses a single stator, rare-earth neodymium iron boron permanent magnet in a cast aluminium casing with stainless steel fittings. The upward furling mechanism ensures the Lakota will not "Hide" from high winds but continue to put out up to two times its rated power without damage to its electrical or mechanical components. Its precision components are designed for long life. We recommend at least a 60-100 amp DC circuit breaker be used with all installations.
Lakota turbines are sealed units and require only annual inspection. No lubrication or overhaul maintenance schedule is required during the life of the generator. (approx 15-20 years). Marine or desert installations may need more attention to surface corrosion and leading-edge tape on the blades. Helicopter grade leading-edge tape is replaceable if abraded by fine debris or sand. Lakota field units have survived 120mph storms.

Lakota's aerospace grade uni-directional carbon fibre blades are not to be confused with carbon matrix or carbon reinforced plastic blades. Unlike plastic with powdered carbon blades that bend and flutter, the carbon fibres in the Lakota blades are 7 times stiffer than common steel, and carry the loads from tip to root. This allows the Lakota to harness far more energy annually than comparable similar wind turbine generators. In addition, the increased output substantially lowers the overall cost of energy despite a slightly higher initial purchase price.
The Lakota SC has a special UV stabilized titanium dioxide, linear polyurethane aircraft coating that protect the unit from rain, snow, ice, sun, sand and dust, wind and corrosion.
Aeromag's Blade Technology
AEROMAG's aerospace grade uni-directional carbon fibre blades are not to be confused with carbon matrix or carbon reinforced plastic blades. Unlike plastic with powdered carbon blades that bend and flutter, the carbon fibres in the AEROMAG blade are 7 times stiffer than common steel, and carry the loads from tip to root. This allows the AEROMAG LAKOTA to harness far more energy annually than comparable similar wind turbine generators. In addition, the increased output substantially lowers the overall cost of energy despite a slightly higher initial purchase price.
Regulation and Control
The electronics perform several functions to ensure maximum output and safety for the user. The regulation control maintain a load on the alternator at all times preventing turbine over speed, regardless of the charge condition of the battery. You may select among a variety of Regulation and Control Device from cost effective Rectifier Module to advanced Manual or Automated Load Divergence Centre to professional Wind Turbine Flight and Battery Charge Controller. If your application requires a quiet and powerful wind turbine and is in a place with low as well as potentially high winds, then consider the LAKOTA™ Stealth Acoustic from AEROMAX.

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